100 Degree Contest

First 100-Degree Day for 2012

Win D-Backs tickets, whoever can guess the first 100 degree day wins. It is as simple as that, be the first to post that date to our Facebook page. The earliest we’ve ever hit 100 was 1988, if you guessed March 26th you would have one. That means it is possible to win D-Back tickets as early as this week, so get your posts in now.

The date the temperature first hits 100 at the official National Weather Service thermometer at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.



Updated: 20 August 2011

The first occurrence of 100 °F or higher annually:
Earliest – March 26, 1988
Latest – June 18, 1913
Average – May 12
The last occurrence of 100 °F or higher:
Earliest – September 2, 1904
Latest – October 23, 2003
Average – September 28
The first occurrence of 110 °F or higher:
Earliest – May 8, 1989
Latest – August 9, 1915
Average – June 19
Note: In 1911 there were no 110+ °F Days.
The last occurrence of 110 °F or higher:
Earliest – June 5, 1912
Latest – September 19, 2010
Average – August 10
Note: In 1911 there were no 110+ °F Days.
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