Are A/C Maintenance Agreements Worth It?

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Your air conditioner is the workhorse of your home appliances, and without it your house soon transforms from a cool haven to a broiling oven.  Your favorite air conditioner company offers an A/C maintenance agreement — they claim it’s the best thing you can do for your equipment — but is one of these agreements really worth it?

Unless you’re an air conditioning expert yourself, the answer is a resounding “YES!”  After all, these types of agreements provide a range of benefits, from peace of mind to service discounts, and can even extend the life of your unit.  Here’s why you should get an A/C maintenance agreement right away:

  • You’re more likely to have regular maintenance performed.  When you get an A/C maintenance agreement, it’s a two-way deal.  You agree to pay the fees and your technician agrees to come by every so often and check your unit.  When you agree to this relationship with Precision, we make sure you have regular maintenance done by calling you when you’re due for a check-up. We want to keep your air conditioner running, so we’ll be sure to call you when it’s time.
  • Your technician will catch problems early.  The more often a professional looks at your unit, the more likely that tech can catch problems while they’re still small inconveniences.  Waiting until you have a colossal failure to call someone is a guarantee of a lot of long, hot days to endure.  Regular checks on a unit that’s past its warranty, but not old enough to be scrapped, can extend your air conditioner’s life substantially.
  • You’ll save money on additional repairs.  Besides allowing you to catch repairs early when they’re less expensive to fix, most air conditioner maintenance agreements come with some discounts built-in.  At Precision, we offer a 20 percent discount on repairs and materials and no trip charges for the life of the agreement.  As your air conditioner ages, that sort of savings will add up, allowing you to keep your unit running for a lot less.
  • You’ll even save money on electricity use.  A regularly maintained, cleaned and serviced air conditioner is an air conditioner that’s running at its peak efficiency.  Springing for a newer, more efficient air conditioner may not be in the budget this year or next, but by having an A/C maintenance agreement in place with Precision Air, you can be sure that you’re still saving a bundle on electricity.
  • Your agreement is transferable.  If you’ve been waiting to commit to a maintenance agreement because you intend to move soon, you don’t have to worry that your money is simply going to be wasted when you move.  Not only can you transfer your agreement to your new home, you can use it as a selling point for your current home — you can transfer your agreement to the new owners if you choose.

When you’re dealing with service companies, things like extended warranties and maintenance agreements can seem like a huge waste of money.  What are the chances that you’re really going to need them?

When it comes to maintenance agreements, if you choose one like what we offer at Precision Air, you’re not just getting a promise wrapped in a pretty package, you’re getting regular expert care for your air conditioner.  Not only will regular care extend your unit’s life, it’ll keep your home more comfortable and save you money, too.  Call us today to find out how affordable a maintenance agreement can be. We offer a variety of annual term lengths to help you match a plan to your budget.

Precision October 15, 2017

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