Does Your Home Warranty Cover AC Unit Repairs or Failures?

June 20, 2019

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Does your home warranty cover AC unit repairs or failures?

It’s something that we never want to experience but will eventually have to face someday in the future; AC repairs and failures. With the heat picking up already, many households across Arizona are starting to kick up the cooling on their AC units to help beat the heat. Unfortunately, this prolonged use of your AC system will eventually start to wear it down, and if you’ve not cleaned or maintained your HVAC in a long time then it could lead to disaster.

A broken air conditioning unit is no joke to repair. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the severity of the problem and a replacement can end up costing thousands if you’re looking for a modern and reliable replacement. But that’s why we take out home warranty cover, right?

Partially. While AC repairs and services are covered by home warranties, it’s not always the case depending on the type of home warranty you have and in some cases, the type of HVAC unit you’re using. So in this post, we’re going to explain a couple of things that could affect your home warranty and what might or might not be covered depending on your plan.

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Cover for older AC unit repairs and failures

Air conditioning systems have been around since 1902 and have undergone several iterative changes. Many early air conditioning systems didn’t actually use cool water, but refrigerants such as R22 which were contained in a closed loop. Unfortunately, this substance was found to do irreparable damage to the ozone layer and will be made illegal in January 2020. It’s not possible to purchase an air conditioner that uses R22 refrigerant (it was replaced with the environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant) but there are still some households and buildings that might use an old and outdated system like this. In fact, if your system was built during 2004 or before, then it’s very likely that your air conditioning system does use R22.

Older-style AC units might not be covered by your home warranty or they could end up costing you hundreds of dollars despite having coverage for it. In fact, some may need to be replaced entirely such as the issue with R22-based air conditioners. During these situations, you may be denied coverage because there could be a small condition in your warranty cover that prevents the company from helping you upgrade an older system. Fortunately, there are plenty of services like Precision Air and Heating that are capable of repairing older AC systems and offer affordable replacements for R22-based air conditioners that must be replaced by 2020.

To replace or repair? That’s not up to you

Sadly, even if you do come across an AC issue that can be resolved by your home warranty cover, you don’t actually get to choose if you replace or repair the system. Even if it’s an old outdated model that is costing you far too much to run, your home warranty cover will likely not offer you the chance to replace it entirely, or they will charge you a hefty fee for doing so. This means that you’re essentially forced to take whatever your home warranty cover offers you.

In fact, you won’t even be given a choice of service providers. Instead, you’ll have to go with whatever service the home warranty cover offers you and this could be a low-star service with poor ratings and customer service. It’s unfortunate, but this is the type of “help” that you might receive if your home warranty cover isn’t known for its generosity or service.

This is why many people turn to specialists such as Precision Air and Heating for their AC repair needs. No one enjoys the constant back and forths with their home warranty company and the lack of options to choose from. We don’t believe that this is in the best interests of the customer which is why fewer people are relying on these terrible services. Instead, they’re putting their faith in local repair experts that offer more choice and options to repair something as vital as a HVAC system.

Maintenance is important and home warranty cover doesn’t let you choose

AC maintenance is important because, most of the time, you want to ensure that it’s working correctly when you most need it. That’s why AC repair experts will receive plenty of calls during the weeks leading up to summer because they want to have peace of mind knowing that their AC unit isn’t going to break in the middle of the summer. That’s why regular routine maintenance is important to ensure that your system is operating at peak performance and is capable of outputting the cool air that you need to be comfortable.

Sadly, most home warranty cover doesn’t offer you the choice of when to get your maintenance done. Instead, they’ll get by with the bare minimum which is an inspection or two every year and at random times that are inconvenient for you. While some home warranty cover options allow you to pick, it’s often far more convenient to simply pick up the phone and call a specialist such as Precision Air and Heating and schedule routine maintenance when you need it the most. In addition, you’ll get to pick your service provider and get to know them, resulting in a better understanding of your AC system and more detailed records which will help with future repairs and maintenance.

We understand that many households take out home warranty over that covers their AC unit repairs and failures. Unfortunately, the service offered is mediocre at best and when you’re in desperate need for an AC repair or maintenance, the last thing you want is to wait around several days or even weeks until a sub-par contractor arrives at your doorstep and fails to do their job correctly. Instead, pick up the phone and give Precision Air and Heating a call to help you resolve all of your HVAC problems with ease. Whether it’s a replacement, a repair or even routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.