What Government Rebates Are Currently Available on New Arizona AC Equipment?

July 28, 2017

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Living in Arizona, you know just how important a properly functioning AC system is for your home or office. And you probably know just how expensive a new system can be. That’s why it’s equally important to find out as much as you can about available government tax credits and rebates on new AC equipment. If you purchase qualifying systems, and have them installed by certified technicians, you can get back hundreds of dollars that can help offset the cost of your new AC system.

Government Tax Credit 25C

The government tax credit 25C gave taxpayers a credit on new AC equipment that met certain standards between 2011 and 2013. The tax credit may be extended into 2014 or beyond. This credit allows for a refund of up to $300 if your system meets the following criteria:

A split system with a SEER that is equal to or greater than 16 and an EER that is equal to or greater than 13


A package system that has a SEER greater than or equal to 14 and an EER greater than or equal to 12

To earn the credit, your contractor must provide the IRS with a copy of the Manufacturer Certification Statement. If you missed out on the credit in 2012 or 2013, but had a qualifying system installed during this time, you may still be eligible to receive the credit by filing an amended return; speak to a CPA to find out more.

Potential Phoenix AC Rebates

Electric companies APS and SRP both offer rebates on qualifying air conditioning upgrades to home and business owners. Because newer systems use as much as 40% less energy than older systems, most electric companies want you to upgrade, and will offer generous rebates to help offset the cost of the new system.

SRP Rebate Program


SRP has a sliding incentive program that provides bigger rebates for higher SEER ratings. For example, on both packaged and split systems, you could receive:

[table cols=”SEER, EER, Rebate” data=”15, 12 or higher,$200, 16, 12 or higher,$300,17, 12 or higher,$400″]

In order to qualify, you must be a permanent SRP customer in Arizona living in a single family home, and you must have the system installed by a certified residential licensed contractor. If you have a split system, both the compressor and the air handler must be replaced to get the rebate.

APS Rebate Program


APS has a similar program that offers up to $270 in rebates for replacement systems that have a SEER of 13 or higher. The system must be installed by a contractor participating in the APS replacement system, and you must be a permanent APS customer to qualify.

Duct Repair Rebates

Both of Arizona’s electric companies also offer a further rebate on duct repairs. Your duct system may actually be contributing  to as much as 30% of your energy costs if it’s old, has too many bends, or is full of leaks. Replacing it will help to improve the numbers on your energy bill. It will also get you a rebate of up to $175 if you replace your duct system at the same time you upgrade your air conditioning system.

Find Out More

These tax credits and rebates are subject to change at any time. They may be extended or canceled, and they may have qualifying periods that only give you a limited timeframe for replacement. Visit Energystar.gov to find out more about government tax credits. Or call to your electricity provider to find out what rebates or credits you may be eligible for, and what you need to do to qualify. Upgrading your system is guaranteed to save you at least 10% in energy costs for every SEER point increase in an upgraded system, so consider making the switch to a new system today and see how much you can save.