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The Arizona Republic has recently published some articles highlighting the Attorney General’s attempt to shut down air conditioning & heating companies that have been using questionable sales tactics.  There are some misleading and deceptive sales techniques used to try and trick consumers into buying services and products utilizing various types of print and direct mail advertisements.

A few of these misleading and deceptive sales practices are:

1.  False Safety Notices – Used to scare consumers into buying unnecessary systems and repairs.
Advice – You should never purchase something that a company is trying to scare you into buying.

2.  Official Looking Solicitations – Direct mail that appears to be mandatory alerts from the federal government or post office.
Advice – Direct mail should look and appear like it’s coming from an air conditioning company, not the post office or federal government.

3.  Misleading Rebate Information – False deadlines given to trick a consumer into buying something  before it expires.
Advice – Always verify the information by researching the internet.  Fact:  ALL rebates expire November 15, 2011.

4.  Offering Free Service Calls – Used to get a serviceman into your house to offer you stuff you don’t need.
Advice – Be leery!  Nothing is for free…these companies are looking to get into your home and find something wrong so they can sell to you.

5.  Unrealistic Low Prices – Offering up to $5,000 Off a new air conditioner.
Advice – If it seems too good to be true…then it probably is!  The average cost of a new A/C unit is $5,000-$6,000 so there’s no way a company can make money offering savings of $5,000.

As one of the leading A/C companies in Arizona, it is frustrating for us to see competitors in our industry using these tactics.  It perpetuates a negative perception of our the entire industry and we end up battling the negative effects when we are in business to do the right thing.

There are good companies out there but be cautious and do your research.  Check the Better Business Bureau for a minimum of an A rating.  Look at the Registrar of Contractor’s website and look for a clean record.  Most importantly, get a referral from a friend and ask how they were treated.

At Precision Air & Plumbing, our motto is People Before Profits.  It might sound cliché but we tell our technicians all the time…take care of the people and the profits will take care of themselves.  Check out our A+ rating on the BBB and exemplary record on the ROC and then make “The Precision Decision”!

Precision March 30, 2016

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      Brett Walker

      I wanted to make sure my air conditioner was ready for summer. Fernando came out and made sure my unit was tip top. He was friendly, professional and not a sales man. Thanks Fernando!

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      Jackie Barkenhagen

      Colin and Andrea were incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They did a great job representing the company. We will definitely contact them again for any HVAC needs that arise.

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      We woke up in the middle of the nite on memorial day to a hot house. I called precision at 6am and they were here before noon. Simple problem fixed, cool house. I love these guys!

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      Thank you Ray at Precision Air...the compressor on our AC went out last night and the house was HOT. This morning Ray was there to replace the compressor and had us feeling the cool air again in no time. Great customer service...quick response time and friendly from the first call until the repair was completed. Ray even offered to clean the filters! Thank you!!

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      Cara Perlman

      I’m so glad I called Precision for my annual AC checkup!! Austin was professional, super friendly and answered all my questions. I’ve had more bad experiences with AC companies here in the valley than good ones. Precision Air will have all my hvac business going forward!! Thanks for being a reputable and honest company!!!

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      Jeff Stanczak

      He did a great job; professional and knowledgeable! Kalin is the technician’s name and Precision Air and Plumbing should take a bow for hiring such an invaluable employee!!!

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      Kingsley Evans

      Precision Air is a company of integrity. I signed up with them August 1st, 2019 for their AC maintenance plan for 2 years... Someone from their office called me a week ago to set up their yearly maintenance visit. SO GRATEFUL.

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      Andrew Burkhart

      Precision Air and Plumbing is a wonderful company to work with! They are very experienced and professional. They have helped us in our home for many years via a/c service and air duct cleaning.

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      David Topping

      It was time to replace our AC, and so our choice was Precision Air, as we've been with them for over 20 years. Teman & Julian did an excellent job on the installation today, arriving on time.

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