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Precision | New AC unit

Service Fee Waived

Arizona Summers are hot, really hot. So, when your air conditioner goes out you can Precision twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll even waive the $59.95 service […]

Monsoon and Summer Season AC leaks

Water leaks from your air conditioner can be a hassle and during the summer the monsoon season can put an extra strain on your already overworked unit. You can narrow […]

Precision | New AC unit

Air Conditioning Units and Dust Storms

  Many valley residents have noticed the muggy weather this past Independence Day holiday and are beginning to worry about the monsoon season and its bringing of multiple dust storms. […]

Precision | New AC unit

Deceptive Marketing

Erik comments on the AP news release / Goettl consumer settlement  of $400,000 to settle accusations that it violated the state’s consumer fraud act. Unfortunately deceptive practices do exist within many […]

Precision | New AC unit

AP News releases Goettle Consumer Settlement

Here are our comments on the matter of Goettl paying $400,000 to settle consumer complaints. Unfortunately deceptive practices do exist within many home service industry, including the Air Conditioning industry. […]

Precision | New AC unit

AC Tune-Up before it gets really hot.

 As a very mild winter falls behind us, many people are predicting this year to be one of the hottest Arizona Summers ever.  Living here in the valley, we […]