Why You Need A Programmable Thermostat

December 11, 2018

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Where would we be if we didn’t install a thermostat for our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system?

For starters, it’s pretty much the only way we can communicate with our air conditioning and heating units.

Considering the appetite our heating and cooling systems have for electricity, the thermostat is also the reason why we’re not neck-deep in massive energy bills right now.

Most importantly, the climate control that keeps everyone in the household comfortable in all kinds of weather is all thanks to the thermostat.

Indeed, the thermostat is the single best thing that ever happened to the HVAC industry with the exception of the HVAC units themselves.

Now if you can get all that from a simple, analog, and manual thermostat, imagine what you’ll get if you have a digital thermostat doing all your home climate control work. Here are some reasons why you need a programmable thermostat.

You can adjust the temperature automatically

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can say goodbye to making the necessary adjustments to the temperature at different times of the day.

All you have to do is set the time for the AC to kick in, taper off, and cool back down in the course of your day, and you can forget all about it.  The indoor temperature will always be to your liking no matter what time of day, all without tinkering with the thermostat a number of times on a daily basis. You can even set programmable thermostats to run at precise temperatures during any time of the week and on holidays. More often than not, a programmable thermostat allows you to not do any adjusting anymore unless it’s necessary.

You will save money

The automatic temperature adjustments contribute to a more efficient operation for your HVAC system, even when you’re not home.

As long as your settings sync with the schedule of everyone in your family, everyone will be comfortable when needed, and the HVAC system will either drop or rise a degree or two when everyone’s away, leading to efficient energy use and more savings on your energy bill.

With a programmable thermostat, you won’t be forced to keep your air conditioning or heat on high even when you’re out of the house.

All HVAC information in one glance

Everything you want to know about your HVAC system your programmable thermostat will provide you on a single screen. It will tell you about the most basic information, like the current temperature indoors and the time. A smart thermostat will also alert you to certain things you need to be doing, like replacing your AC unit’s filters or fixing any issue that it detects.

Remote access capability

Automatic temperature adjustments are great, but there are times when a little manual control is needed when someone in the family deviates from the schedule you’ve set for the thermostat, and are either leaving or coming home earlier than expected.

Thankfully, many modern programmable thermostats come with a remote access capability, which is quite handy when you have to make temperature adjustments while you’re at work, in the gym, or even on vacation. All you need to do is enable your Wi-Fi thermostat and sync it up to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any wireless device, and you can raise or lower the temperature from wherever you may be sitting anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection, of course.

It can help improve indoor air quality

Believe it or not, a programmable thermostat—some models at least—can help improve the quality of the air that you’re breathing inside your home. Not that they actively clean the air of pollen and contaminants, but these thermostat types have the capability to monitor their levels and give you much- needed information so you can take measures to improve indoor air quality. If you or someone in your family suffers allergies or asthma, a thermostat that keeps an eye on allergens will certainly come in handy.

Zoning abilities

One thing that puts programmable thermostats above manual ones is their ability to create within a home multiple climate zones whose temperature settings differ.

Let’s say it’s the middle of winter, and you very rarely use or visit other parts of the house, like the basement. If you have a programmable thermostat, then you can set a much lower temperature for the basement, with much of the heat focused on areas where you and your family spend much of your time, like the living room.

These zones boost energy efficiency, help you save money, and make everyone comfortable wherever they may be in the house.

They maintain a consistent temperature

The problem with most AC systems is that they tend to leave certain hot or cold spots in different parts of your home. With a programmable thermostat, you can make the temperature consistent all throughout the house, as it can run at a constant level. Whatever your programmed temperature schedule, you can be sure that the smart thermostat will follow it, be it during the freezing cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer.

They are friendlier to the environment

The fact that programmable thermostats boost the efficiency of your HVAC system is already a testament to their eco-friendliness. They are, however, also friendly to the environment because, unlike, manual thermostats, programmable ones are free of mercury.

For all the benefits of a programmable thermostat, it is unfortunate many homeowners still haven’t made the switch. The most common reason is the fact that a programmable thermostat tends to be more expensive than manual ones. While it’s true that programmable thermostats cost more than analog thermostats, the energy savings that you will eventually get makes the price tag worth it in the long term.

Should you decide to go for a programmable thermostat, it is always a good idea to consult your trusted HVAC technicians. You can be sure that they will do what they can to help you pick the best one for your HVAC system. Once you install a programmable thermostat for your system, you are assured of efficient, convenient, and comfortable air conditioning and heating for a long time.