Cleaning Air Ducts In Phoenix, Arizona

Your air conditioner is one of the best tools you have in the war on pollen, dirt and other airborne debris, but if your ducts are dirty, you’ll be on the losing side every time.  Indoor air pollution is a common problem. It’s often caused by the build-up of those little particles that manage to squeeze through your filter or fall into your vents.  Over time, it piles up and eventually starts blowing back out when your air handler blows out cool air.

If you notice your house is particularly dusty, your allergies are getting worse, or your ducts are starting to smell weird, it may be time to look into air duct cleaning.  Proper duct cleaning requires special equipment and training to get your system squeaky clean.

How Are Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning is more than just a quick brush out and clean-up operation.  Duct cleaning professionals like Precision Air aim to remove all the debris from your ducts and give them a like-new interior.  Older homes have notoriously dirty ducts from years and years of accumulation, but even brand-new homes may have piled up debris during construction.

When we clean your ducts, we start by covering your furniture and surfaces to ensure that any dust that might escape during the process won’t remain in your home.  Then we tape up all the ducts, and attach our HEPA-filtered vacuum system.  With this machine, we create a negative pressure in your duct system that helps move out all the dust and debris that’s loose in the ducts.

Once the loose debris is removed, we get out our power brush.  A technician carefully guides a spinning brush on a long, flexible pole into your ducts to knock free all the attached dust, mold spores and other contaminates.  Now that they’re airborne, our vacuum system can easily remove them.

After we put away the brush and vacuum, we apply a biocide to disinfect anything that might have been left behind, including insect eggs, mites and mold.  We also disinfect and wash your vent covers, reinstall and seal them.  If your duct system needs to be rebalanced, we can do that as well while we’re in your home.  Although it’s not included in our duct cleaning service, we also recommend you have your evaporator coil cleaned so that all sources of pollutants are removed from your system before turning it back on.

After A Cleaning

Once your ducts are clean, you may find that your system runs better than it ever has and performs better with less energy.  You can keep this level of cleanliness in your ducts by using better filters and replacing or cleaning them more often.  High-end reusable filters like the BoAir Electrostatic Air Filter can be up to 25 times more effective than disposable filters, maintaining your new level of clean for much longer.

We recommend having your ducts re-checked every two years and re-cleaned as necessary.  If you are careful to clean your filter at least once a month, you may not need another cleaning for three to seven years.  There are several ways to keep dust and debris from infiltrating your ducts again, including checking them regularly for leaks and sealing any weak spots tightly, keeping ducts covered during any sort of renovations or repairs, and dusting and vacuuming your home frequently to remove dust before it becomes airborne.

If your home is dusty, your ducts are smelly, or you’d just like to see if it’s time for a cleaning, give Precision Air and Heating a call.  We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help solve your air conditioning problems and help maintain clean indoor air.

Precision Air & Plumbing October 14, 2017


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