Desert Quality AC Units

Here in the desert our home AC Systems go through some of the most rigorous work cycles across the country, so sooner or later every AC unit will need to be replaced. When that time comes let Precision Air and Heating provide you with the most comprehensive estimate in replacing your Air Conditioning unit.
We receive calls every day from unknowing consumers wanting a price quote over the phone for a new AC System. Unfortunately what most home owners do not realize is that simply swapping their old AC system for a new one the same size might be the worst thing that they can do. Before the era of tightly constructed energy efficient homes, it was not uncommon to install Furnaces and Air Conditioners that provided substantially more than the necessary capacity in order to compensate for the vast inefficiencies of the homes. Over the years many people here in Arizona have since upgraded to more efficient windows, caulking, weather stripping, and better insulation for their homes. Plus newer AC Systems do not have the same BT Ratings as systems even 10 years old, creating an even more complex technical puzzle.
Therefore, simply going by the name plate specifications for the old AC system could likely result in an oversized or undersized new AC System. A miss-sized system will run inefficiently and cost consumers thousands; from purchased price to poor performance. To solve this complex technical puzzle of sizing the correct AC System for your Home, every Precision Air customer receives a complete no charge New unit estimate. Absolutely no gimmicks, and absolutely no tricks. Just a comprehensive evaluation that takes all of the guess work out of selecting a new Heating and Cooling system for your Home. This comprehensive evaluation is performed by a NATE certified technician, the highest certification in the industry. Our NATE technicians are trained to perform:
• Full heat load calculation
• verification of the size, shape and orientation of your home,
• including your ceiling height
• Location and measurments of all Doors and windows, noting efficiency types.
• An evaluation of the overall sun exposure to the home,
• inspection of the current attic insulation levels, including the your R values.
• Inspection of the current ventilation system to assess proper air flow throughout the home.
• A Visual inspection of the homes sealant efficiencies to determine any major leaks in your walls, ceilings windows or your doors.

All of which allows us to make the correct recommendation for the right AC system for your home.
Unfortunately many companies here in the valley lack the technical training to perform this evaluation; instead they resort to questionable sales tactics, such as offering a super low price point like 2-3K for a new unit. Which is really just an old fashioned bait and switch tactic to get their sale team into your home. And as far as those up to 4 or even 5K off rebate offers, well don’t just take our word for it that those are questionable offers. The better business bureau of Arizona cautions consumers about these type of deceptive advertising practices. The reality is that those “up to” offers only pertain to an extremely small percentage of potential home owners, the average consumer will never see a discount even close to those numbers.
By offering the highest quality name brand in the business, Precision Air will provide you with the highest quality system based on the correct specifications, installed by certified NATE technicians with the most comprehensive price in the Valley. No gimmicks, no Tricks. Remember, when it comes to getting it done right, it’s all about Precision. Make the Precision Decision; schedule your no charge new unit estimate today. Call 602-349-6922. We thank you for making the Precision Decision.

Precision Air & Plumbing February 13, 2017



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