Does Your Furnace Need a Heating Tune-up?

It’s easy to forget your furnace even exists here in Arizona, but Phoenix heating repair experts recommend an annual maintenance check-up to keep yours in working order. To give you a better understanding of the benefits of booking a yearly furnace tune up, Precision Air & Heating has compiled this helpful fact sheet:

What is Done During a Heating Tune Up?

First, remember to book your appointment as early as possible, so your system is in shape before the colder weather hits. At most companies, a basic furnace maintenance check-up consists of a visual inspection that includes an examination of the heating and cooling system for corrosion, leaks, and proper ventilation via the filter.

At Precision Air & Heating, we take the tune-up to the next level: we conduct a 35 point diagnostic evaluation that includes a carbon monoxide emission test, cleaning of condenser coils, a drain line flush, and more to ensure comprehensive furnace repairs that last year round.

Avoid Breakdowns

An annual furnace tune up ensures your system functions at maximum efficiency and performance levels. It extends your air system’s lifetime, reduces the likelihood of malfunctions, and saves you the stress of dealing with emergency furnace repairs smack in the middle of winter.

Tune Ups Save You Money

Heating and cooling are often the largest expenses a household is faced with: a furnace that doesn’t function properly eats up energy and, ultimately, money. When you book an annual tune up with Precision Air & Heating, you’ll be left with a clean, smooth-running furnace that doesn’t drain your forced air system- or your bank account.

Peace of Mind

A compromised, damaged, and poorly vented heating system can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. During your annual tune up, the techs at Precision Air & Heating will perform a thorough inspection of your home’s furnace exhaust outlet or direct pipe vent section for dangerous cracks and broken components.

For safety, efficiency, and savings, schedule your furnace tune up with Precision Air & Heating today. Only $159.95 for a complete package that includes a washable air filterSchedule an appointment online, or call 602-fix-my-ac!

Precision Air & Plumbing May 19, 2017


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