Attic heating up the rest of the house

Attic heat plays a key role in the temperature of your home during the summer. Without adequate insulation and ventilation, heat inside your attic can cause your air conditioner to work harder and increase your energy bill. Addressing insulation and ventilation issues in your attic is a cost effective way to keep your home a comfortable temperature and save money on air conditioning.  However, having the correct game plan with proper installation will ensure successful results.

Why you need to properly insulate your attic:

Wood building materials soak up heat and radiate down into your home without adequate insulation. If your air conditioner is constantly running in a vain attempt to cool your home, you may need additional attic insulation, but it’s not as simple as topping off insulation with another layer.

·         Air sealing – Insulation slows the transfer of heat from one side of the insulation to the other. However air currents reduce the effectiveness of insulation and can redistribute it with undesirable results. Air seal any holes in the ceiling before insulating.

·         Radiant Barrier – Using a quality radiant barrier on the underside of roof sheathing to provide a heat barrier at the source and instantly reduce up to 80% of the suns heat penetration

·         Sealing the attic access cover – These covers usually don’t seal well and insulating this small area works wonders in preventing attic heat invasions.

·         Insulating ducts – This keeps your hot attic from warming the cooled air in your ductwork.

How venting your attic heat keeps your home cool.

If your attic can’t breathe, it turns into an oven and that trapped heat radiates down into your home. Properly placed venting in your attic prevents this issue. Precision Air uses an effective ventilation system that require no electricity, naturally flushing out any super heated air from your attic.

Don’t let the heat in your attic down into your home. Contact the Home Performance pros at Precision Air & Heating to address attic heat, insulation and ventilation issues. Our team provides a cost effective approach specifically designed for homes in Arizona.


Precision Air & Plumbing March 23, 2017


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