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Duct Modifications

Up to 30% of air is lost while passing through ducts with holes, leaks, kinks or disconnections. And if your ductwork is over 15 years old, you probably should replace it. Ductwork has a maximum lifespan of 20-25 years, but by the 15-year mark it begins to deteriorate, reducing your HVAC system’s efficiency. Incorrectly sized or poorly-crafted ductwork is the most typical reason why homeowners aren’t comfortable in their homes. We can help!

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How Ductwork Functions

Get to Know the “Lungs” of Your HVAC System

A ductwork system is designed to distribute airflow from your HVAC equipment to your entire home. Basically, the air inside your home is sucked into your HVAC System for cooling/heating before being pushed back out via the ducts into your living space. But if you don’t have properly designed ductwork and return vent placement, the equilibrium of your system, as well as the air pressure, will be off. For maximum efficiency, airflow and indoor air quality, it is imperative to have properly sized and installed ductwork.

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Steps Precision Takes to Ensure Your Ductwork Is Adequate

  • Examine Existing Ductwork – Beginning with a full assessment and inspection of your home’s ductwork, our Precision technician will look for signs of physical separation or damage, as well as places the airflow may be constricted.
  • Evaluate the Supply-Return Balance – We check the air moving through the ducts to see if the ducts are the right size, then analyze the supply-return balance of your home to help us determine if your current ducts are correctly sized for both your home and your HVAC system.
  • Perform Repairs – We will repair, reconnect any disconnects and expand your ducts as needed. Ductwork is also subject to damage if anything falls or weight is placed on it and, sometimes, flexible ductwork sections can become ripped or torn.
  • Evaluate Airflow and Replace Filter – With repairs complete, our team will once again test the airflow and supply-return balance to confirm our modifications did the trick and that your duct airflow has been improved.
  • Add Insulation to Air Ducts – For ducts that travel through unconditioned areas, such as through the garage, we’ll wrap them in insulation to protect them and slow down the rate at which they lose heated and cooled air.

Signs Your Ductwork Needs Modifications/Replacement

  • Airflow and Static Pressure – If you have an airflow problem in your house, you may need to modify the supply or return side of the system. Often, we discover that a new HVAC system doesn’t fit perfectly with the existing ductwork system making it necessary to replace items such as plenums and grilles with larger (or smaller) ones, adding vents and using a different filter.
  • Strange Noises – Shaking, rattling and other strange noises from your air ducts is a clear sign of damaged or dirty ductwork. Rattling and clamoring sounds usually mean the ductwork is loose and not secured well enough. If you hear a whistling sound, this is most likely the results of air pass over and through holes and air leaks. Speak with a professional about duct cleaning, sealing and insulating.
  • Hot and Cold Spots – Hot and cold spots, uneven temperatures and airflow problems can indicate improper duct sizing, unbalanced supply/return flow, leaks, and obstructions.
  • Improper Installation – Remember that duct systems are only one part of your overall heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation system. If your HVAC unit was improperly installed, it’s likely that your duct system was improperly sized as well.
  • Supply & Return Plenums – These are the central collection and distribution units in an HVAC system. The return plenums carry air from numerous return vents into the centralized air handler. On the other hand, the supply plenum directs air from the system’s central unit into the rooms that need cooling or heating.

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