How to Lower AC & Energy Bills in Phoenix, Arizona


With energy costs continually on the rise, many people are looking for ways to lower their energy bills. And with the high temperatures in Phoenix, many of those energy costs are directly related to the air conditioning that runs almost constantly for much of the year. Thankfully there are ways you can lower your AC and energy bills in Phoenix, all without having to reduce how often you run your AC.

Seal Your Air Gap

Did you know that poor air seal can be responsible for the loss of up to 30% of the energy you use to cool your home? This means that you’re paying about 30% more in energy costs than you would need to if you simply sealed up the air gap.

Air gaps are usually found around entryways to your home, such as doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Try this trick: Wait for a moderately windy day and light a stick of incense. Now carry this incense around the house, holding it up to windows and doorframes, vents, and outlets. If you see the smoke drift and blow, it means that you have poor air seal and needs to be addressed.

Change Your Air Filter

Every air conditioner and HVAC system has a filter that helps keep dust and particulates out of the appliance that can lower its efficiency. This air filter needs to be changed every one to three months to ensure that it doesn’t become clogged with things like dust, pollen, and pet hair. When the filter does become clogged, it makes it harder for air to get through, which in turn makes your AC work harder and raises your energy bills.

To help make sure your filter isn’t raising your AC and energy bills, get on a regular schedule of changing the filter.

Repair and Clean Your Ducts

Dirty, rusty, or leaky air ducts can mean that you’re losing about 20% of the energy used to cool your home. It also means that the air quality in your home may be reduced. By having your ducts cleaned and repaired, you can help make your HVAC system more efficient and lower your energy bills.

Balance Your Vents

Air balance refers to the amount of air that comes out of each vent to help cool your home. Small rooms like the bathroom need only a portion of the air that a larger room like your living room may need, but if the vents aren’t balanced properly, you could be sending more air to areas that don’t require it, raising your energy bills. By having your vents properly balanced, you can help keep each room in your home more comfortable, while helping to reduce your energy bills.

Replace Your AC

Older air conditioners are often larger and less efficient than newer models, which means that you’re spending more money per month on energy bills than you could be with a newer air conditioner. If your AC is nearing the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient model.

Get an Energy Audit

During an energy audit, a trained technician takes a comprehensive look at your home from top to bottom. They look for things like inadequate insulation, poor air seal, and leaky air ducts. At the end of the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report of all the ways that you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Studies have shown that for every dollar you spend on home improvements like those suggested in an energy audit, you save about seven dollars over the lifetime of the repair. That’s a significant savings in your pocket each month.

Improve Your Energy Usage

By taking steps to improve your energy usage, you’ll lower your AC and energy bills each month. Over time, this savings can really add up, so take some steps to improve your energy usage today.

Precision Air & Plumbing August 26, 2017


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