Precision Drain Cleaning

Are you dealing with clogged drains in your home? This could be caused by a number of factors that should be handled by a licensed and certified professional. At Precision Air & Plumbing, we specialize in plumbing issues. Our experienced professionals are ready to make any clog in your home history. We’ll have every drain in your home flowing like new. How do we do it?

We Are Professional Plumbers Offering:

You can count on our plumbers to quickly find the obstruction of the sewer line with the latest technology and fix it efficiently and at a fair price. If the sewer line cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, our licensed plumbers can professionally install a new sewer line for your home or business.


  • We’ll use special camera equipment to take a look inside your pipes to help pinpoint the cause of your clogged drain.


  • Our Plumbers will use a high-pressure stream of water to clear out the gunk and buildup on your pipe walls. This is a safe and effective drain cleaning method.


  • Once the hydrojetting is complete, we use a mixture of enzymes and bacteria knows as Bio-Clean to eat through any gunk that may have been left behind. It’s natural, safe and extremely effective.


  • If the sewer is the cause of your build-up, we can handle that as well. Our qualified professionals can unclog, repair or replace your sewer pipes and get your drains flowing like new again. Call us today if you have a sewer line clog. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse.


  • We understand that sometimes clogs simply need to be fixed right away, especially if it is starting to cause flooding in your home. That’s why we always have professionals ready to take action 24-hours a day.


  • If your drains are running slow and your home is starting to smell like sewage, it could be a sign that your sewer line is backing up. We’ve got the tools and experience to clear out your sewer line clog or repair a damaged sewer line. Our sewer cleaning services are affordable and reliable. Call today!


  • Are you experiencing clogs in your sinks or bathtubs? One of our professional Pipetechs will provide same-day service to make sure your issue is taken care of quickly.


  • When your shower and bath drains are clogged, we can take care of this issue quickly and have the drains flowing again before you know it with the help of our trusty auger equipment.


  • Don’t fall victim to the dreaded toilet overflow. If your plunger isn’t getting the job done, call Pipetech over to take a look.

Get a Complete Plumbing Tune Up!

Most homeowners don’t think about calling a plumber until the problem has already occurred. By then, it’s too late. Owner Erik Bryan created the Complete Plumbing Tune-Up in 2003 with the simple belief that routine annual maintenance can address potential issues before they become a costly expense. Your home needs a yearly visit from a plumber just like you need a yearly visit from a doctor. The Complete Plumbing Tune Up includes over $600 worth of parts and labor for one low price of $159.95. Call (602) 765-PIPE / (602) 765-7473 today to schedule your yearly visit.



  • Water Heater Flush and Inspection
  • Inspect temperature and pressure relief valves
  • Inspect Emergency Shut Off
  • Conduct a corrosion inspection
  • Sediment flush (Removes hard water sediments which settle and cause corrosion and loss in efficiency)
  • Main Line Emergency Shut off inspection
  • Water Meter inspection
  • Sewer flow test
  • Inspect all Plumbing fixtures
  • Replace of 1 Shut Off Valve (if needed)


  • Inspect all P-Traps for leaks
  • 5 Point Toilet Inspection
  • Inspect Flappers
  • Inspect Jetters
  • Inspect Fill Valve
  • Inspect Risers
  • Inspect Angle Stops and Supply Lines
  • Inspect all other Angle Stops and Supply Lines for leaks and corrosion Water Hardness Test
  • Sewer system treatment with Bio-Clean biodegradable enzyme to improve drain flow and help restore your drain pipes to their original size.