Water Purification Systems

Protect the Quality of Your Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis systems (RO) use the same technology as major bottling plants to filter the bottled water you buy from the store — but without the plastic waste that’s so bad for the environment. Our RO drinking water systems produce water that has a refreshing taste with a touch of minerals, unlike the flat taste of distilled or bottled water. And, other than filter changes and routine maintenance, there is zero ongoing cost to operate, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Make the Precision Decision today to provide healthier, tastier and cleaner water for you and your family!

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Facts about Precision Water Purification Systems

  • RO systems purify water daily, eliminating the need to purchase the stagnant water that has been sitting in plastic bottles for months.
  • Our five-stage system design delivers the most stable and complete RO process for home water purification.
  • RO is the most convenient and effective method of water filtration, removing 90-99% of undesirable contaminants.
  • RO Systems are an eco-friendly solution, protecting the environment from plastic waste.
    Reduces the risks associated with aging city water systems, including lead leaching from corroded pipe solder, bacteria entering the system from water main breaks or gardening chemicals back-siphoned from a careless neighbor.

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Precision Air & Plumbing is ALL-PRO in my book. They have been our Go-To HVAC Team for many years now.

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Precision Air and Plumbing is a wonderful company to work with! They are very experienced and professional. They have helped us in our home for many years via a/c service and air duct cleaning.

Kingsley Evans

Precision Air is a company of integrity. I signed up with them August 1st, 2019 for their AC maintenance plan for 2 years... Someone from their office called me a week ago to set up their yearly maintenance visit. SO GRATEFUL.

Jeff Stanczak 

He did a great job; professional and knowledgeable! Kalin is the technician’s name and Precision Air and Plumbing should take a bow for hiring such an invaluable employee!!!

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