Phoenix, AZ Same Day Air Conditioning

In the summer months Arizona experiences extremely high, unsafe temperatures.  We know that our customers here in the valley are battling this reality every day.  With temperatures reaching 110 and above, day in and day out, it can be a critical emergency when the air conditioning in your home goes out.   Keeping your air conditioning unit performing properly is critical, but if it fails, getting a new unit installed as quickly as possible is paramount.

Precision Air & Heating can get a new air conditioning unit installed in your home the same day.  A skilled technician can perform an energy analysis on your home to help determine the size required to suit your needs. We will provide you with AC unit options that offer efficiency levels that will fit your budget.  Installing the unit and getting your home cooled off in the same day is something we pride ourselves in.

This allows our clients to beat the heat without risking excessive heat exposure in a hot house.  We install some of the most reliable brands in the industry, including our own Precision line, Built Desert Tough with the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty.  All of our AC units are ultra-quiet, efficient, and available with no money down and 0% financing options.

After years of running outside in the harsh elements, an older, less efficient AC unit starts to wear down. These older units are more expensive to run and impact your energy bills. Many homeowners find themselves running newer air conditioning units less often, or even turning them off completely. Having a new air conditioning system installed on the same day of purchase by Precision Air & Heating will allow customers to upgrade from their inefficient system to one that keeps their house cool.

Precision Air & Plumbing March 30, 2017


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