Sounds Your Furnace Should Never Make

Every furnace makes noise– you’ve likely grown accustomed to its gentle whirring in the background of your home on cooler days. There are, however, some sounds your furnace should never make– sounds that indicate bigger problems and a potential need for furnace maintenance. If you hear any one of the following four sounds, it could be time to call a Phoenix heating repair professional:

Grinding: Grinding noises usually means that parts are scraping up against each other, something that doesn’t happen in a well-functioning furnace. Commonly, it is a bent fan blade clipping metal components, thought it may also be a result of an overheated motor. It’s even possible that a twig, rock, or other piece of debris caught in the fan blades. All instances can cause major damage while the furnace is running; turn it off and contact a furnace repair company immediately.

Hissing: A hissing or buzzing sound may be a warning sign that either your heating system is leaking or that an electrical failure has occurred.

Humming: Humming noises often stem from components (typically fan motors) that are working too hard and are on the verge of shutting down. The humming may also indicate a leak within the system that is sapping your home of warm air.

Rumbling: If you have an oil-burning hot water model that rumbles after shutting down, it could mean there is unburned oil in the combustion chamber. This is a highly dangerous malfunction that could produce deadly carbon monoxide.

If you hear these sounds and think you may need furnace repairs, contact Precision Air and Heating. Our skilled, reliable contractors can help you assess the problem and determine whether you need heating system repairs, replacements, or simply need to adjust your furnace maintenance plans. We offer 24-hour service for emergency Phoenix heating repairs. Schedule an appointment online, or call 602-fix-my-ac for more information on all of our furnace repair services.


Precision Air & Plumbing June 13, 2017


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