SRP Begins Summer Prices May 1st

At the end of this month SRP, a Phoenix areas’ utility company, will be increasing the prices for the Summer months. The increase will roughly be $0.03 per kilowatt hour with an increase again after going over 700kwh in one month. Now that the temperatures are increasing steadily everyday and air conditioning units are being used more often, your energy costs may skyrocket. What’s the best way to prevent the Summer months from hurting?

Check your windows for air leaks and purchase dual-paned or tinted windows for your home to prevent excess heat from entering. Cover your windows with darker tinted fabric to keep extra heat out and if you have an attic in your home, check and replace any insulation that may seem old or full of mildew. Also, check your front and back doors to make sure there are no air leaks, and if a leak is found purchase weather guarding at your local hardware store. Go swimming more often to offset cooling costs and to add a bit of fun to your day. Last, but most importantly, call Precision Air & Heating to do a yearly tune-up on your AC unit to ensure it is working properly and if possible, switch out your old unit for a newer more energy efficient unit that will help keep your electricity costs to a minimum.

Precision also offers a coupon for a full air conditioning tune-up for only $159.95 that includes a permanent washable air filter, thorough condenser coil cleaning, up to one pound of Freon, condensate drain line flush, one electrical component replacement and a complete 35-point diagnostic evaluation. Happy Summer everyone and make sure to watch your children around water.

Precision Air & Plumbing August 12, 2016


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