Different Types of AC Thermostats


Now that the high temperatures of summer heat are starting to dwindle down it may be time to start thinking about what can be done today to lower the costs of your energy bill next summer.

Most electric companies have on peak and off peak hours that document those times that electricity is most in use and more expensive versus those periods that electricity is of a lower costs.  It may be worth the time, money and effort to look into changing a standard thermostat with a programmable one allowing you to adjust automatically the times in which you would like to lower or increase the temperature in your home. This simple change can allow for a decrease in your monthly energy bill.

In order to change the thermostat in your home, you need to first identify the type of cooling system you currently have for your home. Once the system is identified then you can select the type of thermostat that would be best for your system and for your needs.

The three different types of thermostats are:


  1.  Programmable – this system allows for automatic programming for different temperatures throughout the day and makes the most efficient use out of a cooling system.
  2. Digital Non-programmable – this system allows for those who like the control of a manual temperature control but with an easy visual display.
  3. Mechanical/Manual – this system is manually controlled and is used best when a person is home quite a bit.

Once you have selected a thermostat that best fits your needs, it would be of your best interest to consult a specialist at Precision Air &  Heating to ensure that the thermostat is the best for your system and it gets installed correctly.

Precision Air & Plumbing December 1, 2016


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