Top 5 Fables of Attic Ventilation

In the vast, wide world of home ownership, one of the most talked about fables is that of attic ventilation. It’s full of mystery, intrigue, and untruths.

Attic ventilation’s sole purpose is to keep air circulating allowing for both reduced summer time temps and the expulsion of moisture, thus keeping temperatures in your attic low and the air dry. The reason why this would be important to you as a homeowner is that lower temperatures in your attic allow for your home to be more comfortable during those hot summer months while decreasing the amount of energy you use while running your air conditioner. And the reduction of moisture reduces the possibility of any mildew build up within the attic.  And lower temps results in lower energy bills.  Another reason as to why this would interest you as a homeowner is that attic ventilation prolongs the life of asphalt shingles.

Below are the top 5 fables of attic ventilation and their truths, putting an end to the mystery of such an important aspect to homeownership.


FABLE #1 – More is king

There is an actual rule to how much ventilation is needed in a home because too much ventilation is NOT king. Too much ventilation can provide excess exposure to the outdoors providing animals and insects like bees a way to access a haven from bad or harsh weather.  As well as provide space for water to leak into your roof during rainy season. For every 300 square feet there should be 1 square foot of ventilation. The rule is a little bit more detailed than that, so it is best to discuss this with a professional at Precision Air &  Heating.

Fable #2 – Attic Ventilation is needed for warmer climates only

Yes, ventilation is a vital piece of maintaining lower energy bills during higher temperature months. However, attic ventilation plays a vital role during the colder months as well. During the colder months of the year, moisture tends to collect on the roof of your home and sit creating a long term problem with your roof sheathing or mildew in your attic. Don’t ignore the importance of attic insulation in colder climates.

Fable #3 – Air escapes

There is misconception that because heat rises, attic ventilation would pull all the heat the furnace was generating out of your home and into your attic.  This is untrue, and if you are noticing that the furnace is strained during the winter months, there may be a more serious issue than the ventilation and you should have your insulation looked at immediately.  Bad insulation allows for moisture to condense on the roof of your home from the interior allowing for deterioration of the roof deck, and interior damage.

FABLE #4 – Research alone is good.

Although informing yourself of the ins and outs of attic ventilation is a great thing to do, actually performing the work based on this research is not. There are so many unforeseen circumstances and variables that go into attic ventilation, it is best to have a professional at Precision Air &  Heating do the actual work for you. What your neighbor did for their insulation, may not be the best for your home, due to roof types, weather conditions, age of the homes and so forth. Please consult a professional.

FABLE #5 – Existing roof vents = adequate ventilation

Existing vents are never adequate ventilation and a lot of different variable come into play when determining what is adequate.  Many existing vents provide circulation for a small amount of upper space in your attic allowing for your attic to heat up considerably. If installed without all the proper elements, ridge vents can allow for outside air to travel in, which does not allow the hot air inside to escape outside. And other types of vents may leak.

In the world of attic ventilation, with is mystery and intrigue, it is ALWAYS best to call a professional and have them access the situation in regards to your attic ventilation. They have the knowledge to take into account several aspects that as a homeowner you may not even know about.  With the professionals at Precision Air &  Heating, it will get done correctly, the first time, every time.


Precision Air & Plumbing December 8, 2016


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