Top 7 AC Mistakes Made by Desert Dwellers


Residents of a hot, arid climate rely on their AC for comfort in the summer months. Without the chill produced by an efficient air conditioner, life in desert locations would be unbearable β€” but the following common AC mistakes drive up electricity costs and shorten the lifespan of even the highest quality AC equipment, which can be painful to your wallet.
Make sure that you avoid these top seven mistakes.

1 – Skipping Filter Changes

Routine maintenance allows your climate control equipment to operate properly, using a reasonable amount of energy and helping to create a healthy environment. Central air conditioners require a filter change at least once every two months. For families with pets or dust sensitivities, more frequent filter changes may be beneficial. And evaporator coils should be inspected and cleaned on an annual basis.

2 – Purchasing Cheap Filters

Filter quality does make a difference in air conditioner performance, especially if filter changes do not occur on a regular basis. Cheaper filters work fairly well when changed out monthly, but more expensive brands with better design features deliver consistent performance beyond less expensive filters’ generally recommended time periods. Investing in a reusable filter makes sense, as it can be removed, washed and replaced on a regular basis.

3 – Not Realizing the Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats provide greater control over AC operation. Instead of leaving your air conditioner on for the day in order to come home to a cool space, invest in a programmable thermostat set to turn the AC on just before you arrive home. This type of thermostat also allows for a reasonable pattern of operation throughout the night and during the unpredictable temperature changes in spring and autumn.

4 – Skipping Maintenance Service

Full service inspections of your AC unit play a vital role in preventative maintenance. Schedule a licensed technician to perform an inspection on your entire climate control system before the summer heat hits. This inspection will uncover any leakages in the ductwork and ensure proper refrigerant levels. Record any potential repairs and rest easy knowing your AC unit is ready to go.

5 – Tackling Repairs on Your Own

Climate control systems contain several components that must function together efficiently. Although homeowners can handle some general maintenance tasks like filter changes, most AC repairs require the skill of a trained professional. Avoid the risk of more serious problems and call the pros when your AC needs repair work.

6 – Not Allowing the Support Team to Do Its Job

Airflow dispels the dry heat of a desert climate. Optimize the cooling power of your air conditioner by utilizing ceiling fans in bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces along with the AC unit. Turn your fans to the opposite setting, pushing air downward in order to create the greatest chilling effect.

7 – Investing in an Oversized Machine

Avoid spending your hard-earned money on an AC unit that’s too large for your home. Use industry calculations provided by consumer organizations or consult manufacturer guides to size the unit properly. Oversized AC units cycle on and off frequently, wasting power and creating an inconsistent climate indoors. Install the ideal size for your living space and enjoy a machine that runs efficiently all summer long.

Precision Air & Plumbing November 25, 2017


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