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With the summer heat just around the corner, SRP wants to ensure that your AC unit is working to the best of its capabilities. Through the support of their partnered contractors, they are promoting a 16-point inspection of your AC unit for $65.95.

As an SRP approved contractor, Precision Air & Heating has enhanced the recommendation from SRP. They are prepared to perform a 16-point inspection of your AC unit at the great price of $65.95. However, Precision Air & Heating is aware that once an inspection in complete, any issues found could mean more money out of your pocket to fix.

Precision Air & Heating recommends a COMPLETE 35-point inspection and thorough hands on tune-up for only $159.95. What this means to you as a homeowner is, a certified technician will come to your home to provide an inspection that includes everything SRP is offering as well as 19 more inspection points for your AC unit, PLUS they will physically work on your system to perform a COMPLETE tune-up that consist of:

•             Adding up to One Pound of Freon

•             One FREE Permanent Washable Air Filter

•             Up to One Electrical Component if needed

•             Condenser Coil Cleaning

•             Condensate Drain Line Flush

Having peace of mind for the summer is one of the most important things Precision Air & Heating can offer you as a homeowner.  With a 35-point inspection and COMPLETE tune-up of your AC unit, you will ensure your family is comfortable through the hot summer months along with increasing the life expectancy of your unit by properly maintaining it. So make the Precision Decision and call us today!

Precision Air & Plumbing January 12, 2017


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