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How to Reduce AC Energy Consumption in Phoenix, AZ

In the heat of a desert summer, the cost of air conditioning can be as brutal as the temperature outside. No one wants to be forced to decide between turning […]

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Does Landscaping Affect My AC Bill in Phoenix, AZ?

There are a number of reasons why Phoenix residents have some of the highest electrical bills in the country each summer. Certainly the high temperatures and heat index play the […]

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Will Replacing Windows in My Phoenix Home Reduce AC Energy Costs?

Air conditioning accounts for as much as 60% of your energy costs each year if you live in Phoenix, with bills typically doubling each summer when the AC comes on. […]

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How AC Systems Handle Dust Storms

Arizona is a land of unfiltered beauty, but it’s also home to some rather unique weather patterns.  For example, during the summer, we experience the Arizona Monsoon, a terrifying combination […]

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Are A/C Maintenance Agreements Worth It?

Your air conditioner is the workhorse of your home appliances, and without it your house soon transforms from a cool haven to a broiling oven.  Your favorite air conditioner company […]

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Cleaning Air Ducts In Phoenix, Arizona

Your air conditioner is one of the best tools you have in the war on pollen, dirt and other airborne debris, but if your ducts are dirty, you’ll be on […]