bedroom doors open or closed with central ac

Should I leave my interior doors open or closed when running my AC?

mbndev June 27, 2023

Cooling your home can be expensive, especially in a hot climate. Some months it seems like the air conditioner runs more than it doesn’t, making the sheer thought of opening your utility bill horrifying. People have devised a number of theories on how they can save money on air conditioning costs, but no theory is […]

Home Improvements

DOE HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings Changing 2023

mbndev November 18, 2022

Energy efficiency standards for air conditioning and heat pump systems will change in 2023. But does it mean homeowners should rush to invest in new HVAC systems? Maybe, so. This helps to stay informed about these changes so you can plan ahead. Watch the video below to learn more about how the HVAC energy efficiency […]

New AC Condenser

Is It Time for an AC Replacement?

mbndev November 8, 2022

Everything around us is exposed to wear and tear. Your favorite black shirt eventually fades, turning gray as you wear it daily. Your iPhone 14 may become obsolete with newer models to be released soon. True, nothing in this world lasts forever. And the same applies to your air conditioner. Over time, your air conditioning […]

New AC unit installation

How New AC Units Can Add Value to Your Home

Precision Air and Plumbing October 21, 2022

There’s nothing like coming home to a comfortable, cool house after a long day at work. The good news? You can create such a relaxing environment with a new air conditioning unit! Not only does a new AC unit make you feel more at ease while you’re at home, but it can also add value […]

Air conditioner Condenser

Life Expectancy of Air Conditioner Capacitors

Precision Air and Plumbing January 26, 2022

Air conditioner capacitors are important to keeping your house cool. Capacitors provide the power that certain A/C parts need to do their job. The average capacitor can last around 20 years, but in places like Arizona, things can be a little different, thanks to extreme heat. Today, we’ll look at how a capacitor failure can […]

Tankless Water Heater Control Panel

Read This Before Buying a Tankless Water Heater For Your Home

mbndev October 13, 2021

If your water heater is getting old or you want something better, you might be thinking about installing a tankless water heater in your home. You may have heard that the cost is higher and that you might need to upgrade your plumbing. To determine whether or not it’s a worthwhile decision, you’ll want to […]

Precision Technicians performing an AC inspection

What Is Involved in an HVAC Inspection?

mbndev March 24, 2021

HVAC inspections are highly recommended when the seasons change, but they’re a smart decision no matter what time of year it is. These appointments are really the best line of defense for any property owner who wants to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. A good HVAC inspector will do more than look at the […]

Precision Tech next to repaired AC unit

HVAC Terminology You Should Know

mbndev March 10, 2021

Sometimes, you feel a little bored and decide to do some research on your air conditioning or heating system. Suddenly, you’re bombarded with a list of HVAC terminology, slang and abbreviations that make absolutely no sense. (HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning by the way). Do you turn off your screen and run […]

Precision AC Tech reviewing estimate

HVAC Maintenance | What It Involves and Why You Need It

mbndev February 25, 2021

When it’s not even spring and you can already tell that the summer is going to be boiling, you need to get HVAC maintenance on the schedule. Of course, it’s a sizeable checklist, and you can’t DIY most of it. The good news is that you’re thinking about it early. Maintenance is the difference between […]

Precision AC Maintenance training

Looking for an HVAC Company? Start Here.

mbndev February 10, 2021

On occasion, you’ll need maintenance, repair or air conditioning services. You’ll need to find the right HVAC company for the job. This isn’t always an easy task, particularly if you do not already have a business as your go-to. The best time to find a company to handle your HVAC or plumbing needs is well […]

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