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Could Attic Insulation Be Your Solution to a Cool Summer?

Precision Air & Plumbing May 5, 2020

As an Arizona resident, you know that keeping your air conditioning running is so important. You also understand that the kind of cooling you get inside the house depends on the system. What you may not know is that it also depends on the house. Understanding the types of insulation and how much you need can save you a...

How to Determine When To Replace or Repair Your AC Unit | Blog

How to Determine When To Replace or Repair Your AC Unit

Precision Air & Plumbing April 29, 2020

Your air conditioner doesn't need to catch fire for you to know it's time to be replaced — the unit will give a heads up long before something that severe happens. But are you paying attention to the signs? At Precision Air & Plumbing, we know that your air conditioner isn't always on your top list of priorities (and thus...

Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit

Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit

Precision Air & Plumbing April 20, 2020

As the temperatures begin their inevitable climb, there's no better time to inspect the condition of your outdoor AC unit. This can not only help you preserve the life of the appliance, but also improve your utility bills as you transition your HVAC system from heating to cooling.

is Your AC Ready for Spring

You’re Ready for Summer — But is Your AC?

Precision Air & Plumbing March 27, 2020

According to the government, heating and cooling account for the largest energy costs for most Americans.

WATER SOFTENER | Precision Air & Heating


Precision Air & Plumbing November 30, 2019

Are you wondering why Arizona dwellers, in particular, are in need of water softeners? Well, you should have read our post about hard water! Nevermind though, quick overview incoming: Arizona has really really hard water. It can cause all sorts of problems.