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Get “Too Comfortable” with Precision Air and Plumbing

mbndev June 3, 2020

At Precision Air and Plumbing, the comfort of you and your family is our top priority. It drives everything we do. From your ability to effectively and efficiently manage your home’s climate, air quality and plumbing equipment to the time, cost and quality of our services and equipment we offer all of our customers, the […]

Precision Plus + AC units

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Size For Your House

mbndev May 19, 2020

Unlike simpler home appliances, you can’t just pick out an air conditioner for your Arizona home off the shelf. You’ll find your goal of keeping your home cool during our sweltering summers hampered as much by a too-small unit as by an overly large one. Quite a bit of science can go into the calculation […]

Attic Insulation image

Could Attic Insulation Be Your Solution to a Cool Summer?

mbndev May 5, 2020

As an Arizona resident, you know that keeping your air conditioning running is so important. You also understand that the kind of cooling you get inside the house depends on the system. What you may not know is that it also depends on the house. Understanding the types of insulation and how much you need […]

AC Unit outside

How to Determine When To Replace or Repair Your AC Unit

mbndev April 29, 2020

Your air conditioner doesn’t need to catch fire for you to know it’s time to be replaced — the unit will give a heads up long before something that severe happens. But are you paying attention to the signs? At Precision Air & Plumbing, we know that your air conditioner isn’t always on your top […]

AC unit outdoors

Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit

mbndev April 20, 2020

As the temperatures begin their inevitable climb, there’s no better time to inspect the condition of your outdoor AC unit. This can not only help you preserve the life of the appliance, but also improve your utility bills as you transition your HVAC system from heating to cooling. From how to clean coils to how […]

Tools near AC unit for AC maintenance

You’re Ready for Summer — But is Your AC?

mbndev March 27, 2020

According to the government, heating and cooling account for the largest energy costs for most Americans. Nobody needs to tell Arizonans that summer electricity bills can challenge their budgets. On the other hand, that cool comfort and clean air can feel priceless on a 100-degree summer day. While we’re still experiencing relatively mild weather during […]

Water Softener Diagram


mbndev November 30, 2019

YES! That’s not a difficult question, but let’s explore why we say yes. But basically, (in case you don’t want to read the rest of this) if you live in Arizona, you should have a water softener. Are you wondering why Arizona dwellers, in particular, are in need of water softeners? Well, you should have […]

Hard Water affects laundry image


mbndev November 15, 2019

Did you know that there are different kinds of water? The United States Geological Survey (USGS) classifies water into 4 categories: soft, moderately hard, hard, and very hard. These classifications of water are determined by checking how many minerals are in the water.1 The hardness of your water is measured by grains per gallon (GPG).2 […]

Precision Tech repairing Heater

Heater Tune-Up For The Arizona Winter

mbndev October 30, 2019

The weather is finally cooling down for the Valley of the Sun; the chilly mornings and cool evenings are signs that winter is coming. Is your heater ready? Now is the time to get a Heater Tune-Up scheduled for your home to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient heating all winter long.

Carbon Monoxide Danger logo

Furnace Tune-Up: Prevent CO Poisoning

mbndev October 15, 2019

Here’s a scary thought: Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Have you had a furnace tune-up for this winter season? EEK! We’re getting ready for Halloween and thought we’d start frightening people a little early. But here’s the thing you guys – Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a real concern. It could happen in your home. As the months […]

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