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What is a Limit Switch and Do They Work?

When you set your thermostat to a specific temperature in your home, you may take for granted what goes into keeping it there. Your heating system has a lot of […]

Furnace Air Filter Tips

Air filtration is essential for your home’s comfort and health, but how do you know when it’s time to change your filter? Or which filter is really the best? Here […]

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Problems

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer– it seeps into homes with no smell or warning and can kill a person in minutes. Appliances and other household devices that generate combustion […]

Precision | New AC unit

Precision Air and Heating Company Overview

Since 1995 Precision Air and Heating has been providing families in the greater Phoenix area with Air Conditioning, Heating, and Home Performance Services.  All of our services start with our […]

What Size Furnace is Right for My Home?

The wrong sized furnace can cause a long list of problems for your home during winter. If it’s too small, it will run harder than it needs to and still […]

Precision | New AC unit

R22 Phase Out & What It Means To You

There has been a lot of talk within the heating and cooling industry about the impending phase out of R22 and what that means to our customers.  Information that is […]