Protect Your Comfort With a Preventative Maintenance Plan

All of Precision’s comprehensive AC, heating and plumbing maintenance plans provide you the ultimate peace of mind as a homeowner. All of our maintenance agreements are affordable and save you money in the long run by including annual inspections, priority emergency service and discounts on parts and service should any problem arise.

All plans include the following:

A Transferable Contract
Use it as an added incentive when selling your home or take it with you to your new one!

An Annual 35-Point Diagnostic Evaluation of Your AC/Heating System*

$59.95 FREE Service Calls for the Life of the Agreement

Priority Scheduling With Guaranteed Emergency Service in 24 Hours or Less

An Annual 19-Point Plumbing Evaluation*

Save 20% on HVAC & Plumbing Service, Repair and Replacements
(per invoice with maximum $500 off total)

10-Year Workmanship Guarantee
(on plans purchased after 01/01/2020)

*If you do not schedule your inspection, Precision Air & Plumbing will make reasonable attempts to schedule service. However, it is the duty of the purchaser to ensure checkups are scheduled.

Agreement holders may also choose their preferred technician. At Precision’s discretion, the contract may be canceled by the customer for a $125.00 processing fee and services rendered. Feel free to call us to discuss your options.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Every preventative maintenance agreement plan includes an annual 35-point diagnostic evaluation of your home’s air conditioning and heating system and/or a 19-point evaluation of your home’s plumbing.

Air Conditioning

  • Take Temperature Splits
  • Check Compressor
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check Run Capacitors
  • Check Duct System for Debris
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Check Air Handler/Elbows for Leaks
  • Inspect Disconnect
  • Take Amperage/Voltage of Motors
  • Start Device
  • Check Drain Lines/Pans
  • Check Condenser Coil
  • Check Safety of Electrical Connections
  • Check Refrigerant Pressure
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Check Filter
  • Inspect Compressor Contractor


  • Check Temperature Rise
  • Inspect Pilot Light
  • Check Oil Exhaust Fan (if needed)
  • Test Limit Switches
  • Check Gas Connections/Whip
  • Check Gas Mixture/Burners
  • Check Amp on IFM
  • Check Oil Fan Motor (if needed)
  • Check Blower Control
  • Check Amp Draw of Gas Valve
  • Test Heat Strips
  • Set Anticipator
  • Check Defrost Board
  • Carbon Monoxide Testers
  • Check Exposed T-Stat Wire
  • Check Flue Pipe Blockage/Build Up
  • Check Safety Controls
  • Take Exit Temp Split


  • Inspect Water Heater for Signs of Corrosion
  • Check Temperature of Water Heater
  • Inspect Emergency Shutoff to Water Heater
  • Inspect Pressure Relief Valve on Water Heater
  • Inspect Pressure Relief Valve on Water Heater
  • Sediment Flush the Water Heater
  • Check P-Traps in Bathrooms
  • Check P-Traps in Kitchen
  • Check Flappers on Toilets
  • Inspect Toilet Ball Cocks
  • Check Flow Rate on Toilet Jetters
  • Inspect Tub and Shower Fixtures
  • Inspect Sink Fixtures
  • Inspect All Angle Stops
  • Check All Supply Lines
  • Test the Sewer Flow
  • Treatment of Sewer System
  • Check Emergency Shutoff to House
  • Check Incoming City Pressure to House
  • Conduct Water Hardness Test