Attic Ventilation in Phoenix, AZ

Shorten AC Run Time. Lower Utility Costs.

  • Durable, non-mechanical, low-profile, high performance attic vents are strategically placed in roof
  • Proper balanced ventilation releases heat build up in attic
  • Energy moves up & outward
  • Passive ventilation has no moving parts & requires no energy to work
  • Ducting, AC, roofing, & other attic components will all operate more effectively
  • Lowers heat load and attic pressure increasing AC efficiency

When the desert sun starts beating down on your home, your attic heats up fast. And when the air inside is trapped, the heat has only one place to go—down into your living space. Once it’s infiltrated the main area of your home, it’s up to your air conditioner to help bring the temperature down again. When you consider just how hot it can get in your attic during the Phoenix summer (attic spaces alone can exceed 180 degrees F), it’s no wonder that your energy bills may seem out of control.

At Precision Air and Plumbing, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your home comfortable all year and helping you maintain control of your energy costs. That’s why we recommended installing passive attic vents in your roof line which use no power.

What Attic Vents Do

Heat enters your attic right through the roof. The hot summer sun beats down on your shingles, heating them up. This heat has to go somewhere, so it moves down through the shingles and into the plywood of your roof deck. You may think that insulation you’ve placed below the deck will stop any further heat transfer, but unfortunately, this just isn’t true. The heated surfaces will just transfer the heat to the insulation itself, plus the walls, beams, and any other surfaces they touch. This in turn heats up the air in your attic, and drives that heat down to places to escape. Remember, the rule of heat conductivity is that heat will always look for a cooler place to go. While heat rises, it’s still making its way into your cooler living spaces at the same time.

The air inside your attic can reach temperatures upwards of 180 degrees—far hotter than it actually gets outdoors. Vents allow the desert heat to escape by both letting it rise and ensuring that it doesn’t remain trapped in your living space. This lowers the heat load in your attic and the air pressure at the same time. The result is a more comfortable home, and an air conditioning unit that doesn’t have to work as hard. In turn, you also get lower energy bills because the passive vents have no moving parts and require no energy to work. Vents allow your AC to run more efficiently, which translates into lower energy costs.

Attic Vent Installation

When you call Precision Air to come and vent your attic, we’ll find the best places to install the vents to maximize their effectiveness for homes in Phoenix. Then, we’ll insert the low profile non-mechanical vents right into your roof, sealing the edges beneath your shingles. Finally, we’ll help them blend right into your roof line by giving them a spray coating to match your shingles. The end result is a vented attic that functions and looks nearly identical to your formerly much warmer attic. The only thing you’ll notice is a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

At Precision Air, we’re concerned with keeping your whole home cool in the most efficient ways possible. Let us help ensure a cooler summer by starting in the warmest part of your home. Call us to install attic ventilation today. Even if you think your attic is already ventilated, research shows that most houses do not have sufficient or properly placed attic ventilation, leading to higher energy costs and overworked AC units. Call us today and make an appointment to speak to a trained technician about adding more ventilation to your attic, so that you can keep cool this summer.