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Sewer lines play a crucial role in many households but can become a major inconvenience if not adequately maintained. If your home's plumbing is backing up, leaving you with a foul-smelling mess, you need a fast solution. Precision Air & Plumbing sewer cleaning service is here to help you navigate the dirty work of keeping your pipes flowing smoothly.

With years of experience, we understand how frustrating it can be to have your daily routine disrupted by a sewage problem. That’s why our experienced technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to clean your sewer lines, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained plumbing system.

We are committed to providing our clients with reliable and affordable sewer cleaning services in Arizona, so let us help you avoid the stress of dealing with sewer issues. Contact us today and experience the benefits of clean and well-functioning sewer lines!

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How to Tell If Your Sewer Lines are Clogged

Identifying tell-tale signs of clogged sewer lines is crucial in preventing sewer line issues from happening. As a homeowner, here are some common signs to look out for:

Recurring Clogs

Your sewer line is likely clogged if you're frequently dealing with clogs in your sinks, toilets, or bathtub. These recurring clogs are often an early warning sign of a more significant issue that could lead to sewage backups and costly repairs if left unchecked.

Foul Odor

If you notice a foul odor in your home, it could be a sign of a clogged sewer line. The blockage prevents sewage from flowing out of your home, causing a buildup of unpleasant odors. Ignoring the issue can lead to even more severe problems, such as sewage backups and potential health hazards.

Slow Drains

If you notice that your sink or bathtub is draining slowly, it could be another sign that your sewer line is clogged. Slow drains are a common symptom of a blockage in your sewage system, and it's best to address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Several Clogged Drains

When multiple drains in your home are clogged, there's likely a blockage in your main sewer line. This is because all the pipes in your home are connected to the main sewer line, and a blockage in the main line will cause issues in all connected pipes.


Perhaps the most apparent sign of a clogged sewer line is a backup. This occurs when sewage cannot flow out of your home and begins to overflow from your drains or toilets. Backups can cause significant damage to your home and require immediate attention from a professional plumber.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Aside from identifying signs of a problematic sewer line, it helps to know the causes of sewer line problems so you can prevent them from occurring in the first place.


When grease is poured down the drain, it can solidify and create a blockage in your sewer line. This can cause slow drains, clogs, and even backups.

Items Flushed Down the Sewer

Flushing items like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels down can block your sewer line and cause backups.

Chemicals like Shampoo and Other Substances

Chemicals like shampoo and other substances can cause corrosion, leading to cracks and leaks in your sewer line. This can cause water damage to your home, foul odors, and even more significant problems if not addressed promptly.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow into your sewer line, causing cracks and blockages. This can lead to backups and even cause your sewer line to collapse.

Aging Sewer Lines

Over time, sewer lines can deteriorate and become less effective. Aging sewer lines can become clogged with debris, develop cracks and leaks, and even collapse. Inspecting your sewer lines regularly is important, especially if they're over 50 years old.

Our Professional Sewer Cleaning Services

At Precision Air & Plumbing, we understand the importance of keeping your sewer lines clean and functioning properly. We offer comprehensive sewer cleaning services to help you maintain your sewage system.

Here's what you can expect during a sewer cleaning service with us:

  • Perform Diagnostics: Our team will conduct a thorough check to identify the root cause of the sewer line problem. We'll use state-of-the-art equipment to assess your sewer line system, including video inspections to identify blockages and leaks.
  • Setting up for the Service: Once we've identified the problem, we'll set up our equipment and begin cleaning. We will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your home during the service.
  • Perform Sewer Line Cleaning: Our technicians will perform sewer line cleaning using specialized equipment to remove any blockages. We'll use high-pressure water jets to blast away any debris and buildup in your pipes, leaving them clean and clear.
  • Testing of Features: After the cleaning process, we'll test your sewage system to ensure everything is functioning properly. Our team will check all features, such as drains, toilets, and sinks, to ensure they're draining correctly and no leaks or blockages.
  • Final Inspection: Once we're confident that your sewage system is functioning correctly, we'll conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is in order.

How to Prepare for a Sewer Cleaning Service

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The Precision Air & Plumbing team knows that having a functional sewage system in every Arizona home is essential. That's why we provide top-quality sewer cleaning services that will leave your sewer lines functioning properly.

And while you can always entrust your sewer cleaning needs to us, our team would appreciate it if you could help us prepare to ensure the service goes smoothly and effectively. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare for your sewer cleaning service with us:

Clear a Path

Our technicians will need easy access to your sewage system for cleaning. Clearing a path for our team to access your sewage lines will make it easier for them to work efficiently and effectively. You may remove any obstacles or clutter blocking access to your sewage system.

Remove Obvious Sewage Waste

Before our team arrives, you may remove any visible sewage waste from the area around your sewage system. This includes any obvious items clogging your drains or causing blockages. Removing this waste will help our team to focus on the root cause of your sewer line problem and perform a thorough cleaning service.

Choose Precision Air & Plumbing for Your Sewer Cleaning Needs!

If you're experiencing sewer line problems or want to prevent future issues, Precision Air & Plumbing is the team to call.

Our experienced team of plumbers uses the latest tools and equipment to perform thorough sewer services that will leave your sewer lines flowing.

Contact us today to schedule your sewer cleaning service and experience the Precision Air & Plumbing difference. Avail of our sewer cleaning services to enjoy a clean and safe environment.

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