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On occasion, you’ll need maintenance, repair or air conditioning services. You’ll need to find the right HVAC company for the job. This isn’t always an easy task, particularly if you do not already have a business as your go-to. The best time to find a company to handle your HVAC or plumbing needs is well in advance of an emergency. That way, when something breaks and your home’s interior temperature is 95 degrees, you know just the one to call.

At Precision Air & Plumbing, we know that there are plenty of businesses out there to provide these services. Here are a few ways you can tell them apart.

Responsive Service

Although skill and experience is a major necessity for an HVAC company, responsiveness ranks at the top of the list. A business could have the most understanding and the best technicians in the business. It can’t help you if they don’t respond to your phone calls or requests for service. Ideally, companies should answer your messages or return your calls within 48 hours, or by the end of the day for emergencies. Be wary of businesses that don’t get back to you, or routinely show up late for service calls. At Precision Air & Plumbing, we offer 24/7 emergency service for the big problems that can’t wait. If you ever have an air conditioner that won’t turn on or a broken pipe, you will understand why we believe that timeliness is so important.

Qualified and Experienced Technicians

When a technician comes to your home for air conditioning services, maintenance or repair, you want to be sure they know what to do. Performing upkeep or repairs for your HVAC equipment may involve high voltage or toxic chemicals. The last thing you want is for someone without sufficient knowledge to cause more problems than they solve.

Many companies only hire technicians who are certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) organization. This international program uses industry standards to determine whether professionals have the skills to attend to your HVAC system. Look for indicators like a NATE certification to provide objective evidence of a technician’s understanding.

Friendly Communications

HVAC service is, in many ways, a service industry. It’s right in the name. As with any service industry, you want your interactions to be generally positive and friendly. Of course, if you’re in need of emergency repair, it’s not great to have a technician who spends too much time chatting. On the other hand, you need someone who seems generally happy to explain the problem and describe your options. Friendly communications go a long way toward helping you make the right choice, which is important for your long-term satisfaction. Look for companies with staff members who are pleased to help you.

Customer-Focused Sales Approach

Hardly anyone enjoys being sold on a product or service they don’t want or need. Your HVAC technician won’t always be the bearer of good news, especially if you had to make a call for service in the middle of the night. On the other hand, it’s important to know that your needs are heard and will be met by the possible solutions. If you schedule routine AC maintenance and the business keeps pushing you to replace it, it’s worth getting a second opinion. At Precision Air & Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our ability to outline your choices and help you make the best decision, without putting extra pressure on you to buy more.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

HVAC services are an investment in your home, particularly if you’re planning to replace your existing system. By investment, we at Precision Air & Plumbing know that it usually comes at a significant cost to you. Whether you are a professional at the height of your career with a great income, a retiree with limited funds, or a young couple just starting out, you deserve to know what you can expect to pay. If you’re not sure what is a fair price, do some research online or request multiple quotes. Reliable companies are happy to provide a written estimate without pressuring you to make a decision in the moment. They should be delighted to explain the differences between products and make recommendations for the ones that will suit your budget.

Written Estimates and Records

Getting a quote on a service or product you haven’t purchased yet is like making a reservation. Your proof is the most important part. The experts at Precision Air & Plumbing believe strongly in the power of clear, easy-to-understand communications. That is why we give a detailed written estimate for things like air conditioning services, repair or replacement. We are happy to explain any uncommon terms so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Once we complete the service, we’ll give all the necessary documents to show proof of purchase, care information or warranties. That way, you have everything at hand when you need to schedule maintenance or contact us with questions.

No Tricky Marketing Tactics

Unfortunately, not all HVAC companies have your best interests in mind. Some are downright deceptive, by making you think that you need expensive service when you don’t, or providing confusing pricing. Here are a few marketing tactics to watch out for and avoid:

  1. False Safety Notices – Used to scare consumers into buying unnecessary systems and repairs, making you worry you’ll be at risk if you don’t.
  2. Official Looking Solicitations – Direct mail that looks like mandatory alerts from the federal government or post office, which contains little or no mention of the company providing the service.
  3. Misleading Rebate Information – False deadlines given to trick a consumer into buying something before it expires.
  4. Offering Free Service Calls – An opportunity for a company to use a consult to pressure you into paying for a much more expensive service.
  5. Unrealistic Low Prices – Offering deals that seem too good to be true with no explanation, like $5,000 off an air conditioner that would ordinarily cost $5,000 to $6,000.

Finding a reliable HVAC company that will answer your questions, explain complicated problems in a way you can understand, and give you a fair estimate in written detail may seem like a lot, but it’s not. At Precision Air & Plumbing, we do all of these and more. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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