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How Often Do I Need to Change My AC Filter?

 Filters are an integral part of your air conditioning system. They help to catch dirt, debris, pollen, and other particulates that can circulate through the air of your home, […]

Precision | New AC unit

Why Attic Vents are Important and How to Properly Install Them

 Many customers ask about ways to get more for their air conditioning dollar. Although most people think of things like caulking trim and adding more insulation, fewer realize that […]

Precision | New AC unit

Why Are Some Rooms in My House Warmer Than Others in the Summer?

 Controlling the temperature of your home with the flip of a switch is a little like magic, but sometimes even the best magic tricks go wrong.  When your magical […]

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Why Does My AC Keep Running?

With the hot summer sun beating down, the last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioner malfunctioning, but if it’s running constantly without cooling your house, there’s […]

Precision | New AC unit

Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit

 Your old air conditioner is starting to give you problems. It’s needing more attention and more repairs than ever before. It’s hard to send an old friend away, but […]

Precision | New AC unit

Does Adding Freon Help AC Units?

 If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air the way that it used to, you’re probably a little frustrated and wondering what you can do to fix it without […]