Monsoon and Summer Season AC leaks

Condensate Drain Line

Water leaks from your air conditioner can be a hassle and during the summer the monsoon season can put an extra strain on your already overworked unit. You can narrow down the type of water leak depending on the type of unit in your home. There are two very common type of units, the split-system air conditioner which has the condenser sitting outside usually on concrete and the air handler placed somewhere inside your home. Rooftop units (single-packaged air conditioners), are completely outside of your home and are connected by the duct system. The most common problem with both systems is water not being able to drain from the condensate line or an overflowing or leaking drain pan.  A few reasons this can happen is because of a rusted drain pan, an unfastened drain line, or a plugged drain line. One reason the drain pan can overflow is because of an excess amount of condensation from the evaporator coil that dehumidifies the air. The evaporator coils’ job is to remove the moisture in the air before blowing the dryer cooler air into the home. So, during the summer when your unit isn’t able to take breaks the condensation from the evaporator coil is too much for the drain pan and drain line to expel quickly, therefore causing the water to overflow into your home which can be exacerbated during the monsoon season with the excess humidity in the air. Usually, turning your unit off for a few hours is enough to fix the problem and allow the unit to fully drain. However, if this problem happens very often, calling a professional to clean out the drain line may be the only solution.

Another reason for water leaks is a clogged drain line, which is usually caused from the air conditioner taking in too much dust from the home’s air filter; the dust and the water in the drain line mix and creates muck that blocks the drain pipe from functioning correctly. When a drain line is clogged like this a leak could spring up anywhere along the line, which includes the middle of your attic or the wall (split-system), which can result in costly damages. An air conditioning repair specialist can have this fixed quicker than trying to clean it out yourself.

split system air conditioningThe air filter can cause problems not only to your drain line but can also make your unit work ten times harder sometimes ending in costly damages. If an air filter isn’t routinely cleaned or replaced the filter will become like a brick wall to incoming air which then can cause he evaporator coil to freeze over and form ice, as the temperature fluctuates, the ice melts and the excess water spills over the drain pan’s edge and out of the unit. We recommend changing or cleaning your air filter every 30-60 days.

A lesser known cause of air conditioning leaks is worn-out insulation installed around the back of the inside unit (split-system). Usually the insulation will absorb the condensation from around the pipes attached to the unit; however, as time progresses the insulation wears down and is no longer able to absorb the moisture as usual and begins to leak along the wall and sometimes in the wall. An AC repair specialist can replace this insulation and prevent future leaks.

Ways to Prevent Leaks:

  1. Allow your AC unit to take breaks
  2. Replace or Clean air filters
  3. Routine flushing of the drain line
  4. Replacement of insulation around indoor unit.
Precision September 25, 2016

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