New AC Unit Saves Money In The Long Run

New AC Unit Saves Money

Living in Arizona can be a huge pain in your wallet, especially during the summer season. Every year energy prices are increasing to handle the demands of each household and having a weary AC Unit definitely doesn’t put money back in your pocket book. According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration approximately 8.4 million households are using an air conditioning unit that is 20 years old or more. Old AC units not only cost thousands more in monthly electricity, the need for more than occasional maintenance will have you looking for a second job just to off-set the prices.  You might be thinking that because your unit was high efficiency in the olden days that it should still be up to par; however, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating can make you cringe. For example, your old unit was given a SEER rating of an 8 in 1992, by now with all the wear and tear that number will end up being a 5 or 6. Comparing that old unit to new units that have a rating of 14 and up, it’s obvious that you’re wasting tons of money keeping that machine alive.

Also, take into consideration that the yearly average electricity usage in 2009 was 21,000 kWh with air conditioning taking up 22.4% of that amount.  Having an ancient unit is going to raise that amount significantly and by having a newer more energy efficient unit that number will no doubt be much smaller. Now to put it into perspective for Arizona residents, if 22.4% of your electricity is being used on just cooling your home, that equates to about 400kWh. The Salt River Project (SRP) is one of the main electric companies used in Arizona and charges 10.64 cents per kWh for the first 700kWh used, 11.41 cents per kWh from 701kWh-2000kWh, and a whopping 12.12 cents per kWh for anything higher.  Using some simple math, the monthly average kWh usage would be 1,783 kWh (higher in the summer lower in the winter) costing $198.00 monthly, which is rough no matter what income level.

Best decision would be to replace your inefficient unit as soon as possible and these days many companies are willing to help offset the costs with payment plans and tax deductions. However, replacement of an old unit can still be a hefty cost, but will save you thousands and end up paying for itself. Having a licensed technician come into your home and assess your cooling needs can help in lowering the price of a new unit especially if you have been using a unit that wasn’t properly sized to your home. Call Precision Air & Plumbing at 602 Fix-My-AC to get a newer cheaper high efficiency AC unit and have it sized just right for your home.

Benefits of buying a new AC unit

  1. Save on cooling costs every month
  2. Possible Tax Deduction
  3. Better cooling ability
  4. Less Noise
  5. Less maintenance compared to old weary units
Precision September 21, 2016

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