What Does it Take to Become an HVAC Tech?

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Becoming a professional Phoenix HVAC technician takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You must meet a long list of requirements and undergo extensive training in order to adequately handle a host of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning issues.

Basic Requirements

HVAC training hopefuls must have graduated high school with passing grades in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. A fundamental understanding of how HVAC systems work is preferred, though not always necessary. Some training schools require applicants be proficient in mechanics, blueprint reading, and mechanical drawing. Personality-wise, an aspiring Phoenix HVAC tech should be willing to work in extreme and uncomfortable conditions.


Option 1: Attend a technical school and learn HVAC theories, repairs and services from a qualified instructor. HVAC courses run anywhere from several months to a few years.

Option 2: Apprentice with a licensed Phoenix HVAC technician. Though a less formal route than training programs, apprenticing allows you to tangibly learn the HVAC basics through practical experience. Apprentices also get paid a discount rate, so you can earn while you learn.

In either scenario, you can specialize in specific HVAC services.


HVAC Certification is necessary in order to qualify for rendering services. There are several levels you have to pass:

Type I: Awarded to technicians capable of servicing smaller appliances such as vending machines and domestic refrigerators.

Type II: Granted to technicians able to service and dispose of equipment with high pressure refrigerants, including large air conditioners and industrial refrigeration.

Type III: Given to technicians who can service low pressure refrigerants such as chillers.

Universal: Awarded to all HVAC Technicians able to handle and service a variety of HVAC systems, units and refrigerants.

Getting Hired

Option 1: Present documents such as High School Diploma, School Certificates, Apprenticeship letters, and your License to potential employers.

Option 2: Apprentice with a licensed HVAC technician. Even with a formal education, many employers prefer hiring applicants with real-life experience. On-the-job training lets you gradually break into the industry while acquiring valuable experience.

No matter which route you take, you will be part of a growing and prosperous industry with many personal and financial benefits.

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