How Do I Prepare My Furnace for Fall?

Fall is finally upon us, and while the temperatures in Arizona don’t drop as dramatically as the rest of the country, it’s still important to engage in proper furnace maintenance to prepare for the chillier months. If you don’t already have a heating maintenance plan, Precision Air & Heating recommends the following steps to stay ahead of the winter temperature drop:

1) Replace air filters regularly

They should be replaced every 1-3 months during fall and winter. Dirty filters slow down air flow, putting excessive strain on your furnace that could lead to costly furnace repairs.

2) Clean ducts and air vents

Airflow blockage in vents and ducts means warm air doesn’t circulate properly, and your furnace has to work harder. An extension hose on your vacuum should do the trick. For major blockages, you may need to call in a furnace maintenance expert.

3) Clean furnace burners

A long Arizona summer causes harmful build-up on furnace burners. Check yours for debris, rust, and signs of impaired alignment.

4) Oil your furnace blower

The furnace blower’s motor is essential for proper furnace functioning. Have a professional oil yours once a year, and listen for unusual noises every time you turn your furnace on.

5) Ensure your thermostat works properly

A malfunctioning thermostat affects your entire heating system. Turn yours on and evaluate how it responds: if it doesn’t start up right away, there could be a problem. If you still use a manually controlled thermostat, consider upgrading to a more consistent programmable one. Alternatively, get a “set-back” thermostat that allows you to control the heat by having it start up and shut down at specific times. This is not only more energy efficient, but also reduces wear and tear, potentially saving you costly furnace repairs.

6) Schedule a Heating tune-up early

Beat the rush and make an appointment for a furnace tune up today! Precision Air & Heating offers a complete heating tune up package with absolutely no hidden fees. For only $159.95, we will do it all: clean condenser coils, measure carbon monoxide levels– we even throw in a permanent washable air filter to simplify your furnace maintenance steps. Schedule an appointment now, or call 602-fix-my-ac.

Precision Air & Plumbing May 18, 2017


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