Increase Insulation – Save Money on Cooling Costs!

Extreme summer temperatures in Arizona means higher electric bills during those months.  One very important step a homeowner can take to save substantially on their utility bill is to make sure they have enough attic insulation to keep the hot air out and the cold air in!


How do you determine if you need attic insulation?

• Your air conditioner works extra hard to cool your home.
• Your home heats up quickly after the A/C cycles off.
• You can’t maintain a comfortable home during hot summers or cold winters.

The two most common types of insulation are blown-in or batts/blankets.  An R value is assigned to each kind of insulation and gives the measurement of the insulation’s resistance to heat flow.  The higher the R value, the more effective the insulation.  Most professionals recommend a minimum of R38 for homes in the desert areas of Arizona.

Insulation must be properly installed to achieve its R value.  Make sure there are no gaps or voids since studies show that air gaps can reduce effectiveness by over 30%.  Make sure the insulation isn’t compressed as that can also make insulation lose a substantial part of its insulating value.  Also important, care must be taken not to cover up attic vents or recessed light fixtures.

You can avoid all these installation pitfalls if you would like Precision Air & Heating to do blown-in attic insulation for you.  We use high quality, brand name material by Owens Corning.  Give us a call for a free estimate.

Precision Air & Plumbing February 7, 2016


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