Carbon Monoxide leads to Tennessee Mall evacuation.

Three people hospitalized on a 97 Degree day.   Carbon Monoxide (CO) is dangerous, even in high temperatures.  Many believe this is a danger only during the cold months when a furnace is running.  As this incident makes clear, any gas unit, new or old, can create a CO poisoning danger.  One water heater in one store affected the entire mall, with CO levels running ten or more times over the acceptable levels.  Levels returned to normal only after the problem was resolved and four hours passed.

Often called the “Silent Killer”, Carbon Monoxide poisoning sneaks up on people without warning.  It’s an odorless, colorless byproduct of gas appliances.  If you have a gas Hot Water Heater or a Gas Furnace, we suggest a professional Carbon Monoxide test once a year.  With special equipment, knowledge and Training Precision Air and Heating can perform this test on all your Gas appliances.

Precision Air & Plumbing February 21, 2017



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